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Animal Emergency Room

4315 Fredericksburg Rd
San Antonio, TX 78201


Dog and Kitten Looking Forward

About Us


The Animal Emergency Room provides excellent emergency and urgent care by serving as patient advocates, counseling and educating each client, while finding personal fulfillment by exceeding our client’s expectations.

Golden Dog and Orange Kitten



Practice Manager

Client Relations


Dr. Kim Buck DABVP
Canine and Feline Practice

Dr. Yvonne Smith

Dr.  David McGookey 


Chelsea Lopez


Evelyn Jasso

Genevieve Valdez

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Veterinary Support Staff


Eva Martinez 

Eddie Jackson

Connie Ojeda



Martin Landeros

Priscilla Rivera

Elyza Rivera

Kellie Alcala



Nicie Smith

Emily Schmoekel

Cierra Dracopolous


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