Imaging & Diagnostics 

To complement our laboratory and further assist our doctors with internal visibility, we have expanded our diagnostic capabilities with a number of other resources. AER has the ability to perform in-house radiography and ultrasonography. As well, we can evaluate our critical patients utilizing equipment to asses a variety of the same information human emergency rooms calculate including:

Oxygen saturation (SPO2)
Heart performance (ECG)
Two Types of blood pressure
Heart rate
Body temperature

​This important information aids our staff in diagnosing, treating, and monitoring our patients.

In the unfortunate event your pet is injured or becomes ill, our treatment area consists of an in-house laboratory with the necessary equipment to perform complete internal diagnostic evaluations of your pet. This state of the art equipment helps our doctors diagnose and monitor the most difficult health problems including, but not limited to:

​Heart Disease
Liver and Kidney Disease
Organ Failure
Physical Examination

Any visit to AER begins with a complete
Physical Examination. This is vital to properly assess the treatment recommended for your pet. The physical exam consists of the doctor evaluating the condition of the patient, assessing the vital signs, overall attitude, internal palpation, and cardiac function. After conducting an exam, the doctor will be able to provide recommendations to further treat the specific needs of your pet.

Our Services 

Physical Examination
​Imaging and Diagnostics
Supportive Therapy
Blood Products
​Crematory Services

Supportive Therapy 

As an emergency room, a big part of what we do is intensive care and supportive therapy. Our highly trained staff utilizes both the laboratory and diagnostic capabilities of the practice to monitor changes in the patients treatment(s). To improve our supportive and ICU care, the Animal Emergency Room uses a combination of currently available medications, oxygen therapy, temperature control, vital signs monitoring, blood products, and controlled IV fluid therapy. This allows us to offer the very best care available to our patients.


An important part of emergency care is the ability to perform surgery when necessary. AER has a fully equipped surgical suite, which allows us to treat both soft tissue and minor orthopedic conditions. Our surgical suite is equipped with a dedicated multi-parameter vital signs monitor to greatly reduce the risk of anesthetic procedures.
Crematory Services 

​In the event that your beloved companion is terminally ill or terminally injured, theAnimal Emergency does work with BlueBonnet Pet Crematory to provide necessary services to help ease the difficult loss. BlueBonnet offers a variety of options to help honor the memory of your lost loved one. Please contact the Animal Emergency Room for additional and/or detailed information (210) 737-7380.
Blood Products

​An important treatment tool for supportive therapy is the use and availability of blood products. These products are necessary for treatment of conditions such as shock, anemia, parvo, and even trauma. Fortunately, AER is able to stock the following blood products:

Packed Red Blood Cells
Fresh Frozen Plasma
​Whole Blood

Animal Emergency Room 

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